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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 13, 2010 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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products you could advance. if you broke a code rule for the government, you'd go back. full support of the code of d.f.r. -- >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. welcome no to the news headquarters. a colorado woman says she learned from authorities that her daughter is being held right now in in an irish jail. jamie ramirez is being held along with six others in an alleged plot to kill a cartoonist with an al-qaeda bounty on his head. >> nancy pelosi is saying she is exhilarated about the prospect of health care reform passing. she will keep the house in session as long as necessary to get it done. >> julie: after being plagued with a series of bad pr, toyota is rolling out a bunch of big
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buyer incentives to. will the public bite in tough economic times. >> gregg: president obama is brace for a major show down on health care reform. they are confident they have enough votes to pass the bill the white house is not declaring victory. julie kirtz is live. what does the vote look like and are democrats close to getting the final bill? >> it's hard to say. speaker pelosi says she believes they will pass the health care reform in the next ten days. she can't say if they'll get it done before march 21 when the president leafs. he delayed the trip by three days and has cleared his schedule to lobby house democrats. he traveled to ohio on monday. it changes day to day. he is shy of what he needed. by the way, the republican who
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election in massachusetts denied them the super majority in the senate says the health care bill will be a disaster. here is senator brown. >> for many members of congress, the time for choosing is near. do what the party leadership demands or do what the people have asked you to do. my colleagues don't mind a bit of advice from a newcomer, i suggest going with the will of the people. >> reporter: part of the white house health care push is going via twitter. robert gibbs at which time terrified with a link to chicago tribune by secretary of transportation secretary, former member of congress and mccain supporter. if he were in the house today he would vote for obama's plan. he is a part of administration. >> gregg: is abortion still an outstanding issue in this? >> it's still a big issue. there is 12 anti-abortion democrats,upak gave a review,
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the group of 12 decided to back with the bill even with the abortion funding language. according to stu putting it would be an end for pro-life dems. >> gregg: julie, thanks. >> julie: we are getting word today a second american woman has been arrested in a plot to kill a controversial door kar too soonist. the mother jamie ramirez says herb daughter is currently detained in ireland. her daughter's interest in islam and decision to leave the u.s. seemed to come out of nowhere. caroline shively has the arrest of the story. >> jamie doesn't fit no terror profiles out there. he is a woman and a mom and fairied but they say she was taken into custody for plotting to kill a swedish man over a
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cartoon he sketched they believe insulted the prophet muhammad. they arrested seven people but released three. they now have until tuesday to charge ramirez or release her. it appears there is a connection with another american woman, as well. on tuesday, u.s. officials revealed a terror indictment against a philadelphia woman who calls herself jihad jane. her real name is car lien la rose. ramirez's mother confirmed that the daughter was in contact with jihad jane. the a hundred thousand dollar bounty on him for drawing the cartoon. they also offered a bonus of $50,000 if he was slaughtered by like a lamb by having his throat
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cut. >> julie: caroline, thank you so much. is this case a sign that home-grown terrorists have become a bigger problem here in the u.s. we'll take a closer look at that question in a few minutes from now. >> gregg: we're getting new details surrounding the attempted escape of an american with suspected ties to al-qaeda. sharif mobley was being trand from a yemen prison for medical treatment. security officials in yemen he trickled his guard into unshackling him so the two to pray together. he then grabbed the gun. he tried to shoot his way out. he killed the guard and injured another individual but was recaptured quickly. he was born in the united states. his radical transformation led him to yemen where he was picked up. >> julie: henry kissinger is in a hospital in south korea. he is suffering from stomach pains while in seoul.
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a hospital spokesperson says he is now recovering and is expected to be released on sunday. no further details are being given. he served as secretary of state under presidents richard nixon and gerald ford. >> gregg: health care drama on capitol hill is nearing the final act. nancy pelosi rallying support for the democratic reform bill and expressing optimism it can pass in her chamber within the next ten days. can she deliver the votes she needs? joining us now, new york post bureau chief, charlie, you say republicans are powerless to stop this, really? >> oh, absolutely. if democrats really want to railroad this thing through which what it appears, if i can believe what they are saying -- that is what they plan to do. republicans are going to sit on
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the sidelines and they can't do anything about it, even in the senate. >> gregg: what is f a parliament stands in the way? >> the senate is an unusual body aimed at tempering the hotter passions of majority. it's built to calm that stuff down but it's all done because everybody agrees to play by the rules. if somebody says something and the majority says screw it, we're going to run over him, they can two that. vice president biden has authority to overrule them and it goes yak to a majority vote. >> gregg: what is this business about no roll call vote, really? >> that is one of the stranger ideas that have come out of all this.
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i'm not as well versed in exactly how that would work out exactly, but the bottom line is that even if they did that, they would have to have a vote in order to not have a vote. so there would be some vote in there that would be -- you could hold democrats the bl for. they could say -- oh, it was procedural vote that i voted on. at the end of the day it would still be a vote to avoid a vote on a very tricky bill. >> gregg: congressman bart stupak who has been in the forefront on issues of abortion confide order a radio show that henry waxman confessed that american taxpayer dollars should be used to pay for abortions. he is quoted, we want to pay for abortions, waxman allegedly
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said. what do you make of that? >> most normal people think protecting taxpayer dollars from paying for very large number people think is outright murder, that is basic protection. >> gregg: not to use taxpayer dollars for that? >> even in some second degree way in the military or anything, it is absolute federal law. there is no question that some democrats, more liberal democrats, especially people like waxman adamantly believe that is some sort of infringement on the rights of the poor to get affordable abortion. they do want the federal money to go to that. it seems amazing to a lot of people that that is even a matter of discussion. >> gregg: right. >> but they really believe that. >> gregg: final question.
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i want to ask you about the impact of all of this. i was bloog had he gallop poll and president's approval rating is net one, it's minus the percentage of disapproval. plus one, it has gone from 56 to plus one. what do you think is the overall impact of this? >> i think it's going to be terrible, but in a weird way. it will be terrible for obama and democrats. in a weird way i think it helps them a little bit. obama has had a massive majority in both chambers for over a year now. he has not been able to accomplish anything. i think that honestly he would be better off if he is dealing with a republican house, at least. he'll have somebody -- he'll be forced to negotiate and have somebody to battle against. if they push this thing through,
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this health care thing through, i can all but guarantee you they are going to lose one of the chambers in congress. >> gregg: and may go from plus one to negative territory. i checked, nobody in the history of the polling has fallen that fall, that fast, waf to plus one. he could set a record and go into negative territory. >> remember a year ago, he could do no wrong. he was an icon and obviously he still is in a lot of corners. i don't think people hate him yet, but he has frittered away an extraordinary amount of capital and has nothing to show for it. it's an amazing thing what you and i have witnessed over the last two years. >> gregg: good to see you. health care a big topic tomorrow. fox news sunday has a major line-up, chris wam as talks with robert gibbs and hosts a couple
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members of the congressional leadership -- there they are. chris van holand and eric cantor. karl rove senior advisor will be weighing in. that is all tomorrow fox news sunday. >> julie: new allegations of child abuse by catholic priests sweeping through europe from ireland to germany. they are breaking their silence demanding they face their demons. the head of the catholic church is apologizing to the victims and the pope has encouraged them to move forward with tough new measures. greg burke is live with the story. >> hi, julie. it's a tremendously serious crisis. they are treating it seriously. here in the vatican when the because crisis hit the united states, it's pretty much like that. this time germany but the pope being german, all the more interesting. vatican spokesman trying to
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squash any connection between the pope and the german crisis. he says clearly there are people in germany trying to tarnish the pope but they are not succeeding. the head of the german bishops, he briefed benedict on the scope of the scandal later telling us at a news conference the pope was deeply disturbed about what they heard. they talked about the plans for going ahead, what are they doing to deal with the crisis. you are probably remember that pope benedict was quite forceful on his trip to the united states speaking about abuse. he basically sees it as an absolute betrayal of everything that means to be a priest in the united states. he also met with victims of abuse. finally, it's not just germany but also other places in europe, specifically ireland. the pope has received reports what was going on there, specifically in the archdiocese of dublin.
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he has promised to write a letter to the irish faithful before easter but it's not only the irish but the germans and other people in europe. >> julie: thank you very much, greg. >> gregg: weekend washout, a powerful storm system slamming the northeast bringing heavy rain and the threat of flooding. domenica davis is tracking the storms. >> it's ugly out there and we not only have the rain but the wind. that lab factor into sunday, as well. we're seeing coastal flooding problems. here is the areas. two low pressure systems, one sitting offer to the coast and other one pushing to the ohio valley, both of these have very heavy rain wrapping around them. right now some of the heaviest is pushing into the new york city area and eventually it will move into new england by
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tomorrow. everybody is going to get in on this. the worst of the storm will be along the east coast where we're looking at two to three inches, possibly even up to five inches of rain. with that, we're talking flooding, beach erosion and power outages. i'll show you the track of the storm at 5:00 and when we can say goodbye to it. >> gregg: domenica davis, thanks very much. >> julie: first jihad jane, now a second woman under arrest. both are linked to a plot to kill a cartoonist who angered many muslims. what the alleged role in home-grown terrorists. we'll take a much closer look at the issue coming up next. lindsey vonn,@ she stays tough!
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>> gregg: time for a quick check of the headlines. second terror attack can go than in less than 24 hours, authorities are saying a homicide bomber driving a motorized rigsha attacked and 13 people are dead and more than 50 injured. >> the governor of california ordering a review of the way the state handled a sex offender. he is currently in the death of two san diego teenagers. >> former secretary of state
4:20 pm
henry kissinger is said to be suffering from stomach pains. he is said to be released from the hospital sometime tomorrow. >> julie: today a second american woman arrested in a terrorist plot to kill a swedish cartoonist who drew a controversial cartoon of the prophet muhammad. her name is jamie ramirez and she is a straight "a" nursing student who in the past year picked up and lift with her son to marry a muslim man. her mother says she is behind bars in ireland. jihad jane was arrested in rural pennsylvania for recruiting jihadist says this america new big terror threat. home-grown women militants? thank you very much neil, great
4:21 pm
to have you on. you point out it appears if neither of these women had any training or explosives or experience with firearms, but nonetheless they are a threat and under arrest. have these women change the profile of home-grown terrorists? >> i don't think so. i think we have an aberration rather than the rule. in the past year we've had a dozen major plots that either been disrupted or in the case of major hasan who went on the shooting rampage down in ford hood, we've had terrorists in this country that had somewhere with all to carry out their actions. these women appear to be women who are failures in life, they have multiple marriages, miss la rose didn't have a job. they appear to be looking for something. they could have joined a cult just as easy as muslim faith.
4:22 pm
>> germany ramirez is the second american woman to be linked in a plot to kill the cartoonist. the cartoonist made fun of the prophet muhammad. this mom had a $30,000 a year job, she was raised catholic and announced to her family she converted to muslim. a few months later she posted on her facebook, stop calling muslims terrorists. what is it that draws these women to do this? you say they might have well joined a cult but why islam? >> i think there is so much effort on the internet today by muslims to communicate. one is normal communication and courses like ramirez took online
4:23 pm
there is no problem, but there is a great deal of recruitment. we know the al-qaeda people themselves are very computer literate. they interact all the time. they have hidden messages in some of their video -- i'm sorry some of their computer exchanges this again, we have two women that went online. they got involved in something that was way over their head and now they are both under arrest. >> julie: and like these women, they are very different from major hassan and the other dozen islamic plotters arrested in recent months. i guess the question, are homegrown militants america's new terror threat and should we be worried? maybe they are learning from these women and major hassan? >> i think we should be worried.
4:24 pm
we took great pride in 2005 when we saw the attacks in great britain which was carried out by homegrown terrorists, we've been much more fortunate. over the past few months we have had to think twice about that. there are other americans that are drawn to radical islam through the internet or exchanges with other people in this country. this a growing problem. we're probably going to see more serious incidents in this country by home-grown terrorists. thus far, we've experienced the tip. iceberg. >> julie: okay, thank you very much for talking to us. >> gregg: next guest says the health care bill will lead to the largest tax raise in history. republicans are dead set seeing it going down in flames. mark kirk telling us how they
4:25 pm
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>> gregg: bottom of the hour, time for the top of news. iowa is bracing for major flooding. ice floes as thick as six inches breaking over the dams on cedar river expected to crest three feet over the flood stage. >> iraq's national election, a partial tally shows that nouri al-maliki party is leading. his competitor is ahead in two provinces. >> palestinian women are fighting with israeli forces on the west bank. four protestors arrested, no injuries are report. >> julie: democrats have a clear strategy for passing health care reform but there are plenty of
4:30 pm
pitfalls ahead. so what is the plan? joining us is republican congressman mark kirk a member of the subcommittee on financial services who is also running for the u.s. senate. thank you very much for talking to us. we had a democrat on and now to be fair and balanced we have you on to talk about republicans and how they plan on fighting this. house democrats believe they may be on the brink of victory. they lack the ironclad commitment needed, 60 lawmakers and many republicans are determined to stop them. what is your plan? >> the plan is to offer a better plan. house republicans want the kind of health care reform that will lower costs. number one, medical rights act, congress won't interfere with pernlsz is number two lawsuit reform and granting the right to americans to buy health insurance from any state in the union if you find a plan less expensive.
4:31 pm
what we're again showing this bill that nancy pelosi brings to the house floor has ten new federal taxes in the great recession. it's internally corrupt, showing people from nebraska and louisiana are treated better than the other 49 states and has massive cuts for senior health care. >> julie: let's talk about tax increases and the effects on jobs. how hard will republicans use those when they fight this? >> this bill will kill over 100,000 jobs in the state of illinois alone. with these heavy new federal taxes being imposed and the teeth of the great recession, we estimate it will cause unemployment up to record levels. that is exactly the wrong way to go. the most important issue in america today is the lack of jobs. this bill costs americans many jobs. >> julie: what about young americans? unemployment rate as high as it
4:32 pm
is making it difficult for young americans graduating from college getting out there and finding jobs. any protection for them? >> there is no protection for them. in fact, 80% of the job losses in this recession have been from small businesses. this bill hits small businesses very hard, but the biggest story of this bill is, it stands for the principle that we should underfund one entitlement medicare by creating a new entitlement, costing a trillion dollars. fed chairman man bernake warned that the suns heading in the same direction as the greek government whose economy is clapping. we should not go down this path -- collapsing. >> julie: i want to touch on three things, seniors, medicare and when we retire, will there be money left for us? >> already, these programs are
4:33 pm
run inning the red. we know to fund medicare through the baby boom generation, it will stress funding. i think we have to honor the commitment that federal government has made to seniors and social security and medicare and not have congressmen back this bill with tremendous cuts from medicare in the legislation. >> julie: all right. congressman kirk, thank you for talking to us. >> gregg: we are getting an update on the senate majority harry reid's wife and daughter. they were injured seriously in a car wreck this sunday. lander reid had successful surgery are a she broke her neck back and nose. she could be actually back on her feet in a few days. minivan rear ended by a tractor-trailer. their daughter was also in the van but suffered only minor injuries. she was released from the hospital on the same day. the driver of that
4:34 pm
tractor-trailer charged with reckless driving. >> julie: think about, gregg, how many hours a day your kids are spending online. that is all kids do nowadays. these kids have started a web support group for children whose parents who are deployed overseas and their goal is to get military kids to share their experiences, their fears and life with mom and dad in a war zone. claudia shions us live from california. great to hear about kids using the internet for a good cause? >> that's right. it's the first of its kind, conference held by the teenage daughters of military families here in california. these young women face special challenges on top of what they're dealing with as teenagers, trying to get through middle school or high school, 17-year-old miranda knows all about it. her father is a national
4:35 pm
guardsman. it's a stress knowing that parent could be deployed any time and peer support can really make all the difference. >> the people around you need to understand, so that is why we created it is to bring girls together to unite and lead. we're uniting these girls on the common ground of being military daughters and empowering them with tools, self-esteem tools, public speaking, leadership and just empowering to help other people. >> reporter: today, hundred military daughters across the state are sharing their experiences from the pressure of having to step in the shoes of their deployed mom or dad to the stress of disruptions in the family routine. even as mundane as meal time. one girl told me they stopped having dinner as a family when her dad was sent overseas which triggered profound depression.
4:36 pm
many girls say that the families can't relate what they are going through. it's a chance for all these young women to get together and build support and also have a good time. there is pajama and pizza party after a full day of seminars and workshops. >> julie: claudia, thank you very much. >> gregg: a traffic stop goes horribly wrong in kansas city, missouri. look at this. a driver was pulled over suspected of driving under the influence as they deal with the suspect. another car tears across the road hitting the first car and officer sending everybody running for their lives. that driver is also suspected of the same thing. fortunately the officers are expected to be okay. both drivers have been arrested. >> julie: an avalanche of bad news on recalls hurting the reputation of toyota and taking a big bite out of sales. now toyota is pulling out all
4:37 pm
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>> julie: a setback for investigators trying to hunt down suspects in a poker tournament heist. the whole thing was caught on camera. four thieves armed with guns burst into a luxury hotel where the tournament was taking place last weekend. high stakes card game came to a grinding halt as chaos erupts. as players at the tables ran for the exits. thieves made off with $320,000 in jackpot money. police arrested a man. they say they had to let him go because of lack of evidence. they are still looking for the robbers.
4:42 pm
>> gregg: toyota is reaching deep into it's pockets this had on ri car buyers back into the showroom. they are cranking up advertising and incentives, even offering no interest financing for 60-month loans for many cars. sales of toyota vehicles took a big hit after they issued 6 million recall notices in the united states alone. problems with acceleration but the sales campaign put the brakes on the sales and get people back in dealerships. a regular on cashing in, seeing regularly. jonathan, how much is this going to cost the company? >> quite a lot, gregg. financing alone is going to cost the company $5,000 per car. the whole recall mess of fixing the problems, the legal things
4:43 pm
is expected to cost $5 billion. you pointed out the incentives they are offering. this is company not known for offering major incentives, interest free loans for six months, thousand dollars cash back or free maintenance for people that own toyotas. >> gregg: maybe they are working harder. last time i looked at toyota dealership, they couldn't care less. maybe they are going to pay attention now. longstanding goodwill for toyota has really been one of the hallmarks, people that have toyotas love them. they keep buying them. how much of a hit is that taking? >> not as big as you might expect. even when the executives were being hauled in front of congress and humiliated and questioned, toyota still had about 60% approval rating.
4:44 pm
compare that to congress which at the same time had a 20% approval rating. you see that toyota as you pointed out over the last 15 years built up a lot of goodwill. a lot of people take advantage of the sales. in the first eight days of march sales are up 15% versus previous year's sales. a lot of the established consumers are looking for an opportunity. >> gregg: i don't mean to throw you curveball, but how is the stock looking? >> it took a hit, down from $95 down to 70, in the midst of all the panic and fears. it has since come back. the real winner has been ford motor company which has done quite well. toyota stock has taken a hit. keep in mind, it took them 60 years to build that reputation
4:45 pm
and few months to put it a at risk. they are working hard to relieve those fears and get the cars moving around. >> gregg: my producer says it's around 77, so a buying opportunity but a flurry of lawsuits, another one announced yesterday. that was a criminal lawsuit. they've got a long way to go. >> this is going to play out. not unlike johnson & johnson with tylenol, they have to make no more problems and no more deaths as well. >> gregg: good to see you. >> julie: many girls dream that they will finally get to go to the prom. but one teenager's dream has turned into the worst nightmare. she is at the center of the lawsuit because the school district cancelled the prom because of her date. xx
4:46 pm
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4:49 pm
>> julie: check on the headlines a second major terrorist attack rocking pakistan in less than 24 hours. authorities saying a homicide bomber attacked a security point in pakistan.
4:50 pm
13 people are dead and more than 50 hurt. >> california governor ordering the review the way the state handled the case of a convicted sex offender. and former secretary of state henry kissinger has been hospitalized in south korea. he is said to be suffering from stomach pains but he is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow. >> gregg: all right. we all know that high school can be tough, julie knows more than anybody, but one teenager has found herself the center of a controversy. >> 18-year-old constance mcmillan is lesbian and she wanted to bring her date to the prom but the school board cancelled the dance. now, the aclu has filed a lawsuit. she has faced pretty unhappy classmates and asking the judge to force the school district to
4:51 pm
reinstate the prom. does she have a case? here now are legal panel. first i just want to say the school has no same sex policy, but do they have the right to ban these two from going to the prom by cancelling it? >> they absolutely do not. this is outrageous. here is the bottom line. number one, you look at the constitution, what do you have a right to, you have a right to association. you have a right to privacy, who i want to be with, what my individual views are and equal protection clause. here is something that is really troubling. where do you draw the line? we don't like you, we have to cancel an event because you are lesbian or political views are off. or your religious views are off. there is a disability we don't like. where does it end? >> gregg: the high court said you do not check your first
4:52 pm
amendment rights at the classroom door. high school students have certain rights. i went to the news release by the high school. i found something interesting. it popped out to me. they said it's a distraction to the educational process -- that word distraction is in a supreme court ruling? >> that is absolutely right. first, let me say i agree with joey, you can't cancel a prom because she is a lesbian and wanted to bring her date, a female. the school did not specifically state that in their statement. they said it was to ensure that it was not a distraction from the educational process. how do we know what else happened. they also mentioned that there were events that also made this an issue. what event? >> gregg: here is the problem, you can just glom on to supreme
4:53 pm
decision word, that is distraction, you can call anything a distraction and that is what i think they did. >> what they put out a press release that mirrors the supreme court decision. its distraction if we went forward with the prom. that rids. >> don't they have to explain what distraction it would be? it was a distraction because they don't want to see a woman in a tuxedo? or was eight distraction because of the same sex policy and they don't want to see two girls together. >> what if they receive threats from parents, to not allow the students --, but what if they did that. >> you know knows shoes that you are wearing are distraction. that beautiful dress is a distraction. >> the same-sex couple was a
4:54 pm
distraction, we don't know that. >> gregg: you know, she claims, constance that the superintendent told her she couldn't wear a tuxedo to the prom, my goodness. if i were a parent i would love if my daughter wore a tuxedo given what girls wear these days. >> you are right. there is something called a preliminary injunction, you get it when one other side does something inappropriate. the balance of equity weighs in your favor. that injunction will be issued and they are going to have that prom, students are going have to a great time. >> gregg: now there is one supreme court decision, hazard willwood in which it said look, if it's a school sponsored event and putting their names and resources on it, they do have a rate to regulate. >> that was my issue.
4:55 pm
there must be some issue that the school is trying to protect themselves from liability. one of the statements made by school officials, to protect the safety and well-being of the students. there must be more than that, more than the same-sex couple attending a prom. let's talk about relation. i don't like your political views. i have to regulate them. where do you draw the line? >> there are other options. there could be security if there were threats or problem with security. i'm not saying that cancelling an entire prom and denying the students an opportunity to have this. >> julie: at the same time, threaten more things than sexual preference, basically that is what high school is about. they are toward minority and gay couples, it's not just gay couples that are subject to this treatment. if the schools are going to ice the constitution in order to prevent the prom, what is the next step? >> hundred percent.
4:56 pm
you are not having a prom and you are ruining the best day of my life so far. school needs to lieten up. >> gregg: the only thing i feel bad about the tuxedo i wore back 1973. >> julie: what year was that? >> a few years back. thanks very much. there is a picture out there somewhere. >> julie: evening going to find it. i'll call your wife. >> a a new female terror suspect the woman on the left was plotting to kill a swedish artist who angered muslims and may have been in league with a woman who calls herself jihad jane. new details on this disturbing case straight ahead. i was active, eating healthy. i thought i was in great shape.
4:57 pm
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>> gregg: this is a fox news alert. the nasty weather is pummeling the country from the ohio valley to the northeast right now. creating a travel nightmare. i'm gregg jarrett along with julie banderas. >> flights at new york area airports delayed for hours. at newark airport, international flight delays, of course, more than five hours. not the way you would want to spend your saturday. that's for sure. the flooding, rain and wind gusts hitting 60 miles an hour, making a huge mess and chicago o'hare, reporting delays of three hours due to the storms in
5:01 pm
the midwest. >> gregg: if you're flying out this evening, you're urged to contact your airline ahead of time. we have complete forecast in a few minutes. stick around for that. >> julie: heading for a final health care reform show down. democrats close to the 216 votes they need to pass reform. right now the tally is 211 to 220. that's with five democrats planning to change their yes vet to no. things are so close, in fact, the president is changing his schedule, pushing back a trip overseas to be here in person to help see his initiative through. live with the latest there washington is julie kirz. >> the president has been telephoning house and senate democrats all along and staying around to do even more, delaying the trip by three days. he travels to ohio on monday and the white house push goes on over the weekend.
5:02 pm
robert gibbs using twitter to point to a piece in tomorrow's chicago tribune by transportation secretary ray lahood, a life long republican who writes, quote, if i were still a member of congress, i would probably vote for the bill that president obama is championing. he writes, and i would urge my colleagues to do the same, not because i don't believe in fiscal discipline, but because i do. lahood says the health care package will reduce the deficit by about a trillion dollars over the next two decades, but republicans in congress right now are unified in opposition to it and newly elected republican, who denied democrats their super majority in the senate, spoke out today for the gop. >> they pledged transparency. instead, we have a health care bill tainted by secrecy, concealed costs and full of back room deals. that's just not right. >> well, democrats are still waiting for numbers from the congressional budget office on what some of the still to be negotiated fixes to the senate bill will cost or possibly save.
5:03 pm
the house could vote on that senate bill and also a package of fixes at the end of the coming week, which the senate will need to vote on. any way you dice it, it will be a week of arm twisting. >> julie: oh, yeah it will. all right. thank you very much. >> gregg: one democrat accusing party leadership of ignoring him outright, bart stupak of michigan, says his vote is no unless lawmakers insert language prohibiting federal funds of abortions. here is what he said earlier this week. >> he came back a while later and said, but we want to pay for abortions. i said, mr. chairman, that's where we disagree. we don't do it now. we're not going to start. but we think we should. i'm sorry. but the house has spoken. we had that debate. we won. 240-190. you forced the vote. we won fair and square, and we're not going to -- this is what it is. if you want to move health care, keep current law. >> gregg: that was stupak recounting his conversation with a very powerful congressman,
5:04 pm
henry waxman. could this come down to just one vote? joining me now is republican congressman from georgia, tom price, who is also a doctor and along with him is democratic congressman from pennsylvania. congressman fatah, harry reid, president obama, nancy pelosi have all said that under the senate bill, taxpayer dollars will not be used for abortion. you just heard what henry waxman said according to bart stupak. who is telling the truth here? >> well, i think the truth is we're going to have at least one big liar day planning to distract people from what actually is in the bill. this bill is going to help 30 plus million americans get insurance with once it's signed, this year -- >> gregg: was waxman telling truth, taxpayer dollars will be used to fund abortion? was waxman confessing the truth to bart stupak? >> it's a distraction. it's a distraction. stupak -- a lot of people in
5:05 pm
this network are not for the bill. let's deal with the truth though. the truth is it's going to help a lot of people, millions of americans, none of which y'all have taken the time to go out and cover, the people who could not get insurance. >> gregg: will the senate bill pay for abortions? >> the bill says very clearly what the facts are. people can read it for themselves. >> gregg: what was henry waxman saying? >> federal law is not going to be changed on abortion and as much as you try to distract people on to that road -- >> gregg: it's not me. it's henry waxman and bart stupak and congressman price, i want to you weigh in. will it have taxpayers paying for abortions, yes or no? >> plenty of pro-life democrats will vote for this bill. >> gregg: congressman price? >> the senate bill includes federal funds for abortion and bart stupak, far be it from me to defend him, but he voted for this bill initially when it came through the house because of the
5:06 pm
vote that stipulated that current law had to be continued and that is that no federal funds would be used for abortion. it's not just abortion. it's abortion and it's the cornhusker kickbook, the louisiana purchase, it's the federal gatorade, it's the increase in taxes, the american people have spoken loudly that they don't want it. >> gregg: who is lying here then? is it nancy pelosi, harry reid, president obama? i'm trying to figure this out and i think our viewers are, too, congressman price. >> you're right. the viewers, american people are so frustrated because they get different stories that don't comport with the truth. all these things are in the bill and that's why the american people say they don't want it. so they got to come through these contortions to try to pass this bill. the american people have spoken clearly. they want patients and families and doctors to make medical decisions. this bill will not allow that. >> we're not going to try to pass it. we're going to pass it this week and we're finally going to join
5:07 pm
the rest of the industrialized world in making sure our people have access to health care. >> gregg: congressman price, ray lahood, a life long republican, transportation secretary, says that it is morally represencable that 40 million americans do not have health care. is he right? >> well, 40 million americans do have health care, they don't have health care coverage. that's what we need to get them. but we want them, republicans want them to get the health coverage that they want for themselves and their families. not that the government wants for them. that's the difference. the question is, who is going to be deciding? who will be making medical decisions? we believe it ought to be patients and families and doctors and democrats believe it ought to be the federal government. >> gregg: congressman fata? >> to the republican party, and my colleagues who are republicans, these people who don't have coverage, they're invisible. they don't see them. that's why they lack anything to
5:08 pm
come to the table and move a reform bill. we're going to get it done this week and we've been working at this as a country for 100 plus years. but it's going to be accomplished and it's going to be accomplished standing out to make sure it happens. >> gregg: go ahead. >> hr3400 is a positive solution to get the american people covered. again, with the kind of coverage that they want for themselves and their families. not what the government wants for them. >> gregg: again, i come back to ray lahood, well respected and in an op ed piece he says, not only is it morally represencible that 40 million meanses don't have health insurance coverage, he says this existing bill, if passed, would reduce the deficit by $1 trillion over the next two decades, it would reduce waste and fraud, it is fiscally responsible. now, you're a doctor, congressman price. is ray lahood wrong? >> i believe he's wrong because the way that they get to their
5:09 pm
fiscal responsibility is increase taxes by $500 billion and slash medicare by $500 billion. that's not what you have to do because there are positive solutions out there that will get folks covered, that will solve the insurance challenges, and address the lawsuit abuse that this bill doesn't do and not do it with all the bribes and kickbacks that they had in the senate bill, that the house folk also have to vote on. there are positive ways to solve this without putting the government in charge. >> gregg: congressman fatah, maybe lahood is carrying the water bucket for his boss, the president. >> maybe so. if you take a fox commentator like newt gingrich, he says you can't cut $700 billion out of medicare in any given year, this there is so much fraud and waste. he's not shelling for his boss at fox news. he's telling truth, that we know there is waste in this system. we also know that it is morally wrong for us to have so many millions --
5:10 pm
>> gregg: let me slip in one more question to you. would you agree we've done an abysmal job of running medicare, medicaid and social security, all of which are heading toward bankruptcy. what makes you think that we can do a better job with basically health care for all? >> you just heard my colleague, dr. price, say that medicare was so sacred, so important, we can't cut a dime from it, that it's helping so many millions of seniors. we're not going to cut medicare. what we're cutting is a corporate subsidy under medicare advantage. they have to reduce their services at the same rate the government does and we know the private sector is capable of doing that. >> gregg: address if you will how entitlement programs have been abysmally run in the united states, congressman price. maybe this one will be different. >> it can't be. all of the four medical programs that the federal government
5:11 pm
runs, all have overrun their costs and ration care. and if this passes, that's exactly what this will do. the way they save money is rationing care to seniors. that's wrong and the american people won't stand for it. >> gregg: it does have some republican ideas in it congressman price. interstate sales, which would arguably lower the cost of premium pulling premiums among businesses. aren't those good ideas in this bill? >> you're right, gregg. it's got the heading of interstate sales. the problem is, all you can buy is the program the government says will be available for you. not the one that you want for yourself and for your family. and that's the rub. there is going to be families and patients and doctors -- >> gregg: the last word. >> we saw texas textbook vote, everybody had their say, there was a vote. you're going to see another vote this week and there is going to be a different result. that is the people are going to win and we're going to make sure that this health care reform in this country right now.
5:12 pm
>> gregg: we'll wait and see. congressman fata, congressman price, thank you both for being with us. it will be a fascinating week. we'll see it unfold. health care a big topic tomorrow. fox news sunday has a major line - up. chris wallace is going to be talking to the white house press secretary, robert gibbs and hosting a couple members of the congressional leadership. republican congressman eric cantor of virginia, karl rove, former senior advisor to president bush weighing in. all of it tomorrow, check it out fox news sunday. >> julie: four coordinated homicide attack, killing as many as 30 people in afghanistan, the bombings happening in the southern city of kandahar, the center of the taliban's heartland. the next major target for nato forces this year, at least four of the dead said to be policemen. the main target believed to be kandahar prison holding taliban militants phon inmates escaped. that's the good news. in 2008, homicide bomber blew apart the prison's gates in a
5:13 pm
nearby check post, freeing hundreds of prisoners. many of them suspected insurgents. >> gregg: a second american woman arrested in a toss plot to -- terrorist plot to kill a swedish cartoonist. she calls herself jihad jane, pictured on the right. paw la ramirez a31-year-old mother from colorado who in the past converted to islam, packed up and left with her son and may have married a muslim man she met on-line. she's in an irish jail. now more from washington. >> jamie doesn't fit most terror profiles out there. she's fair herod, light eyed from rural colorado. but irish authorities say she's one of four muslims they took into jail who were plotting to kill a swedish cartoonist.
5:14 pm
they now have until tuesday to officially charge ramirez or release her. it appears there is a connection with another american woman as well. on tuesday, u.s. officials revealed the terror indictment against a philadelphia woman who calls herself jihad jane. hours after ramirez was arrested colleen la rose is jihad jane's real name. ramirez's mother confirmed that her daughter was in contact with jihad jane. the cartoonist is an alleged target. $100,000 bounty on him for a cartoon he drew in 2007 depicting the head of mohammed on a dog's body and they offered a bonus of 50 grand if he was slaughtered like a lamb by having his throat cut. ramirez had her six-year-old son with her in ireland who had her son taken by cps. >> julie: hedgery kissinger
5:15 pm
receiving treatment in a hospital in south korea. he arrived wednesday to speak. the 86-year-old suffering from what is being called minor stomach problems. the hot says his condition is improving, though. kissinger was secretary of state during the nixon and ford administration. >> gregg: a woman makes a split second decision that may have actually saved her life. she jumps off a cliff to get away from an attacker. police say the woman was jogging in malibu, california yesterday when a man tried to rape her. grabbing her from behind, she fought with him for a couple of minutes before she finally broke free and that's when she decided to jump, sliding down 100 feet over the hillside. she only had some cuts and bruises from the fall. >> scrape off some bruises and i was actually wondering, i thought she was a surfer or rock climber and then this lady that called 911 said no, someone
5:16 pm
tried to rape her. >> gregg: take a look at this. the sketch of the man that police are looking for, the victim told police she was standing at the edge of a cliff after her run when the guy suddenly attacked her and stole her suv and drove off. >> julie: if you're planning to travel via one of the country's major airports, you might be sitting around for quite some time. heavy rains and high winds are grounding dozens of flights at newark, kennedy, o'hare and la guardia airport and you can blame it on a slow moving storm system. domenica davis is watching it for us in the fox extreme weather center. it's very wet and nasty outside. >> it really is. this is a very slow moving system and that means it's going to be around sunday and into monday. here is the main problem with these flight delays, because of the winds. i was just checking in new york, we've had a gust the past hour reported over 50 miles per hour. when you have some of those darker shades of blue, that's where the winds are gusting over 50.
5:17 pm
the lighter shades of blue is not much better. 50 miles per hour gusts up to 30 miles per hour. it stays windy through the evening. that's going to be a major problem. but the other big problem is all this heavy rain that's now lifting to the north and it's coming in from the coast. we still have plenty of rounds of heavy rain and within this, we are looking at an additional two to three inches in some cases that's going to aggravate the flooding problems that we've been seeing over the past couple of days. it stretches back to the ohio valley where we have another low pressure system spinning. these two systems will keep moving to the east, but slowly and that means for sunday, we're still talking about the rain and the winds. here is a look at the future radar. the system does lift to the north by sunday and the heaviest rain pushes in to new england. but you can see on the back edge here we're still dealing with light to moderate showers moving in through the mid atlantic and up through new york. it's just the heaviest of the rain will push up through new england. monday the system does pull out of here, but we will have some
5:18 pm
light showers on the back end. it doesn't really get out of here, far enough until monday evening to take the rain with it. we still have time to go. a lot of rain to go through and i suspect with those winds, people tonight are going to be dealing with power outages. >> julie: domenica davis, thank you very much. >> gregg: it's kind of like something out of a james bond movie. what mercedes benz is doing to protect drivers, we're going to take it out for a spin, coming up next.
5:19 pm
5:20 pm
5:21 pm
5:22 pm
>> gregg: time for your latest headlines. nancy pelosi saying it will not be long before the health care bill actually pass. a key procedural vote in the house budget committee monday. democrats sweetening the pot by adding billions of dollars in student aid to the package. islamic insurgents suspected in a bombing in pakistan. 13 people killed at a security checkpoint. the attacker delivering it in a motorized rickshaw. utah's house majority liter resigning two days after confessing about sitting nude in a hot tub with a teenage girl 25 years ago and paying her $25,000 to keep her quiet. in an e-mail message, republican kevin began apologized for the distraction he caused.
5:23 pm
>> julie: with all the vehicle recalls from toyota making headlines, a different kind of automobile story to tell you about. a mercedes benz is known for luxury. now the european auto maker is trying to drive new safety features home. the next generation of air bag protection. fox gary reports. >> steve: mercedes benz automobiles have always been coveted for luxury, style, and performance. but for many buyer, safety is the feature that closes the deal. now they have brought many of its ideas for future technology ies into a safety concept. the front passenger air bag adjusts size and stiffness depending on seating position and occupant weight. while another helps extremities in case of a rollover. the steel side impact beams are inflated to strengthen when a
5:24 pm
360-degree radar system determine has crash is imminent. the show and car stopper is the braking bag. just before a frontal impact, a rubber coated steel frame is blown out from the bottom of the car, causing the front end to hop, doubling the weight and deceleration force force a split second ask keeping the nose at bumper height. >> it's very important to get the right timing because if you are too early, or too late, it's not good. >> should a driver really be relying on this sort of thing? >> important for us that the driver is always happy with the situation -- have the situation in control. it's only working in the last 100milliseconds. if you're in front of that, you can't do anything to steer and break. the crash will come. >> steve: current models offer a lot of safety feature, including
5:25 pm
one that will help keep you awake behind the wheel. it's called attention assist and sounds an alarm if it notes you're starting to doze off. this doesn't hurt either. fox news. >> julie: for $90,000, it is all yours. >> gregg: is that all? >> julie: yeah. if you want to learn more about the mere say disease and its safety technology, go to our web site, scroll down to the leisure section and click on the auto tab or go to >> gregg: you can't put a price tag on safety. >> julie: yeah? >> gregg: that was you. still, no winner in last sunday's elections in iraq, but preliminary results signaling who is making big gains there, who is up, who is down, what the results are saying about iraq's future as a democracy. america's pastime heading east.
5:26 pm
when the l.a. dodgers visit taiwan. the impact of major league baseball in a land where folks seem even crazier about the sport than in america. is that possible?
5:27 pm
5:28 pm
5:29 pm
5:30 pm
>> gregg: it is bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. top house republicans now saying democrats don't have the votes to pass health care reform. minor leader john boehner saying if house democrats have the numbers to pass the bill, they would have done it by now. >> julie: president obama unveiling his plan to radically change the no child left behind law in his weekly address. the overhaul moves the way from punishing schools that don't meet bench marks. it would instead reward schools for making progress. >> gregg: four suicide bombs going off in afghanistan, killing at least 30 people. one of the blasts happening outside a prison. attempt to free taliban
5:31 pm
militants. no prisoners, though, escaped #. >> brian: nearly one week after the national election in iraq, we still don't have a clear cut winner. the prime minister holds a wide lead in the early results. malini reports from baghdad. >> the coalition headed by current prime minister has taken an early lead as partial results trickle in since the election last sunday. counting is still underway across the country. so far we have partial results for only 11 provinces. the moderate shiite bloc is lead not guilty five of the provinces. many of them majority shiite areas. he leads in baghdad, critical because they have 70 of 30 seats in parliament. it's unclear what percentage has been counted in the capital and whether the ballots come from shiite or sunni neighborhoods. the secular coalition leads in three processes. the national alliance leads in
5:32 pm
two provinces. the election commission has announced partial tallies of few provinces at a time since thursday, posting them electronically at their baghdad headquarters. it's been chaotic, disorganized by u.s. standards, reporters jostling to read the screens. some parties complaining of fraud. others boldly claiming victory. the election commissioner says reaks need to wait for official results. >> we don't worry about what they say. we do our job. therefore, this is not politics. >> originally they said they would release them when 30 percent of the ballots were counted. but they released it before less than that were counted. >> julie: thank you very much. >> gregg: all right. spring training heading east, way east. the l.a. dodgers playing a three game exhibition series in taiwan
5:33 pm
against a team of tie wane ese all stars. it sold out in hours. taiwan is so crazy about baseball, that it appears on their money there. adam housley in the capitol with that plumb assignment. >> in recent years you see the number of asian players do very well in rosters. players from korea, more recently from taiwan as major league baseball continues its push east. in the heart of taiwan, the world's second tallest building, overlook ago country crazy about baseball. >> we got the professional league here and everybody's kid wants to play baseball. >> a couple days away from opening pitch, the dodgers brought spring training here and a three game series against the all stars that captivated a nation. >> there was a history of
5:34 pm
baseball in this country and the fact that they seem to do it pretty well and they know it's nothing foreign. >> while baseball has been america's pastime, it's also taiwan, as two of their biggest stars now play for the dodgers and return home as part of major league baseball's plan to expand its fan base world wide. >> i think people coming over and sharing ideas and sharing what's important to them and obviously through the love of the game, countries that absolutely embrace the game. >> gregg, game one, 5-2. double digit hits. the dodgers managed to. we had a significant rainstorm, so game two was rained out even after waiting for two hours. the dodger players mixed with the crowd. later this morning, everyone jumped on a train, heads south, a national hero will pitch against his home country.
5:35 pm
then we're back on a plane, the entire trip, 27 1/2 hours of flight time. players and coaches say they wouldn't give it up for the world. back to you in new york. >> gregg: adam. he played major league baseball himself. >> julie: want to make your home more green, plus add more value to it and more dollars in your wallet, plus you get a kickback from the government? ways to cash in on a federal program full of eco friendly incentives next.
5:36 pm
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5:39 pm
>> julie: it's a tough time if you're trying to sell is a home these days with real estate values dropping like a rock the past couple of years. but it turns out you can make eco friendly home improvements that not only could add value to your home, but also give you a pretty nice tax break, too, plus the upgrades could lower your energy bills. don't you love that? all thanks to a government program full of green incentives. joining us now here in studio
5:40 pm
from money magazine, she can break down the money you can save here, larry lane of lane sales, here to guide you on the best green products to buy for your homes. thank you both for coming on. first of all, amanda, why don't you tell us exactly what is this new program, this government program all about. 30% tax credit if you buy green? >> basically the federal government recently extended and expanded the tax breaks that homeownerget for energy efficient improvement. basically you can get any money that you spend on energy efficient products, you can get a tax credit for 30% of the cost up to $1,500. so basically you can go out and spend $5,000 on products and get that 30% credit, $1,500. >> julie: put the full screen up, if you will, producers, so we can show everybody what we're talking about. we're talking about insulation. we're talking about high
5:41 pm
efficiency windows. and also low voc paint. right? and consumers who purchase certain paints, larry, should be looking out for low veo wants. why don't you tell us what the heck that means and we'll go ahead and throw up another full screen of paint companies that sell them. >> voc, it's the offgassing of paints and it's harmful both to people that are in the home as well as to the environment. so paint manufacturers have moved more and more in response to consumers and creating low voc paints and even no voc paints. >> julie: that's volatile organic compounds and here we go. some of the paints you can buy. benjamin moore, she win williams makes it, the health speck paints, and there is also a web site you can learn. a lot of people are asking me. am i going to paint my new apartment? i'm pregnant. low voc paints, are they
5:42 pm
dangerous at all? >> you're better off if you can go to the no voc. that's really what consumers should really look for today, now that they have the availability of no voc paint, that's what they should try to move towards. >> i want to move to products now. amanda, energy star, we've seen that, it's supposed to save you money. what kind of products are most worth investing in in order to get that cash back? >> you want to look at your individual home and a great way to figure out where you're spending the most money on your energy bills is to just do a simple energy audit. a lot of utility companies are offering a them for free, so you can call your local utility company or go to the government web site. they can walk you through how to do your own audit. then often we say, the best bang for your buck is sealing leaks and adding insulation. today the heating and cooling makes up 50% of a household's energy bill. >> julie: it's interesting because old windows let in a lot
5:43 pm
of air and the cold and certainly you don't want to spend that kind of money if you he get more government money back. larry, also flooring is something people don't realize. not only does it improve the value of your home significantly because obviously makes it look so much better, but there are a lot of green flooring products out there that people should consider that are not cost killers. that's the most important. when people think organic and green, they think expensive. why don't we start with wood flooring, for example. we've got arc floors and there is a web site we'll throw up. they are certified wood flooring products. they are green and essentially there is just a lot of green products out there that you can buy and wood flooring, a lot of people would think wouldn't be so eco friendly because you're knocking down trees, but trees are sustainable energy. they will regrow and so by installing wood floor, you're thinking you're actually going to be eco friendly.
5:44 pm
>> it's about degrees of how far you want to go with your eco friendliness. with wood floors, there is a certification that consumers should look for, which is fsc, certification. at least the wood is being harvested from managed forests and that type of thing, but you can certainly take it a step further. there are all kinds of great new options today in flooring. certainly if they're looking at soft flooring, carpet is something that everyone is aware of, but they think in order to go eco friendly, they have to spend more money. that's the significant difference today is that they can go for products like this, this is 100% wool, carpeting and there are many, many options today. you have manufacturers like god free hurst. this company not only has 100% natural wool carpeting, a whole line of wool carpeting --
5:45 pm
>> julie: it's all about the backing. right? >> that's correct. it's natural jewett backing. they take it a step further. this company called jmish carpet have all their products certified, green label plus. >> julie: you brought in corking and actually my producer was talking about how this would actually go really well if you can put it in a room. do people actually use this on walls? >> it can be used on walls and people seem to use it on the wall for sure. there are many, many options for cork. cork is a completely sustainable product. so it's really taking it a much further step. but the key, and that's why i want to show this, is that today, even going into cork, this particular company, they actually offer 100 colors. >> brian: it looks like wood -- >> julie: it looks like wood. >> 23 different designs and all
5:46 pm
kinds of shapes so you can create a cork floor that looks like cork, that looks like wood, stone and it's a completely sustainable product. >> julie: cool. amanda, these are the products that once you go to your accountant, you have 2009 and 2010 where you can go, buy these green products, you show them your receipts and you can get that money back? >> keep the receipts and just, before you make purchase, double-check with a manufacturer that these products loo -- whatever product you're looking at, does actually qualify for the credit. >> julie: all right. thank you both. we appreciate you both. we could spend hours talking about this 'cause there are so many options for home improvements. when you get money back, that's the way to go. i wish i would have known this, i would have put new windows in my old place i'm selling. thank you both for coming on. what do you think of our leaders in congress? a new report shows the popularity of top democrats slipping more than ever before. but guess what? they're not alone. the republicans aren't winning any prizes in the latest polls either. we're going to find out why
5:47 pm
coming up next.
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5:50 pm
>> julie: congressional leaders taking a hit in popularity. >> gregg: we're talking both sides fortunate aisle. nancy pelosi, house speaker, house majority leader, john boehner, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, all of them seeing their unfavorable ratings
5:51 pm
go up in the latest rasmussen report. three of them seeing all time highs. joining us, scott rasmussen. also the president of rasmussen reports. scott, good to see you. talk to us about their numbers. >> part of this is just the role of being a congressional leader at a time when congress is very unpopular and the economy isn't doing well and they're talking about health care and trying to push through an unpopular bill. all the legislators are in trouble. nancy pelosi, 64% unfavorable. that includes 47% with a very unfavorable rating. but for nancy pelosi, you've got to remember, she has two primary constituency, the vote increase her home district in the san francisco area and the democratic congressional caucus, both very liberal and both probably very happy with her. >> julie: what about harry reid, are they happy with him? >> he has a different situation. his two constituents are the democratic senate caucus and the vote increase his home state of
5:52 pm
nevada. in his home state, he's really struggling. he's trail not guilty his bid for reelection by 13 points. 48% of voters back home have an unfavorable view of him. harry reid is in the most difficult spot of awe the congressional leaders right now. >> gregg: let's put up john boehner again, as well as the minority leader in the u.s. senate, mitch mcconnell. boehner has really taken a hit here. mcconnell not so much. why is that? >> you have to keep in mind with both of these leaders, one of the reasons they're unfavorable is their lower than for the democratic counterparts is they're not as well-known. that is a key issue in terms of the favor ability of congressional leaders if the republicans were to gain control of congress, i guarantee you for both these men, their numbers would be worse. >> julie: okay. someone we all know. the president. how is he doing? >> 45% approve. 54% don't. those figures include 27% who strongly approve. 41% who strongly disapprove.
5:53 pm
what we see with the president, his numbers aren't terrible. they have fallen below the 50% level, holding fairly steady for the past several months. but every time he begins to drive the health care issue, his numbers sink to new lows. this past week, 43%. gallup recorded him at a new low and it's because this health care bill is really dragging down the president and his party. >> julie: how many people are polled when you come up with these statistics, if you will? >> when we poll the president's job approval, it's 1500 people are in the sample nationwide. we do it 500 a night over three nights. the congressional samples are typically of 1,000 people nationwide. >> julie: okay. so there we go. that sort of clears it up. in fact, if you missed it, we wanted you to hear scott clearing it up on the colbert report, earlier this week he took up some interesting questions to clear up his questions over the polling
5:54 pm
process and we'll roll the tape. >> i had 15,000 on my survey. so if my poll a scientific poll? >> no. >> really? >> really. >> because the very last question in by poll, jimmy, this is not a scientific poll. do you believe this poll is scientific? [ laughter ] >> 60% said yes. 40% said no. and that means if you believe in polling, that must have been a scientific poll. >> gregg: either that or it tells us something significant about the way you communicate with your audience. >> directly and without question. >> julie: you handled yourself very, very well. >> gregg: you're a funny guy, scott. >> it was a fun thing to do and i'm not quite as challenging as talking to you two, but it was a lot of fun. >> gregg: colbert is really short, right? >> yeah. a little shorter than bill
5:55 pm
o'reilly. >> julie: yeah, right. >> gregg: like 6' 7. >> julie: scott rasmussen. thank you very much. you were great on the show. good to see you. >> thanks. >> gregg: that's going to do it for us. juliette and rick are standing right over here about ten feet away and they'll have the latest on health care. >> julie: you two are looking great from the waist up. catch me in an hour on the fox reports. you guys need to expose yourselves during the next couple of hours. >> gregg: matching boots. >> julie: you can't see her. pan over. wait. juliette has a dress on and -- sweat pants. >> julie: who dresses you people? see you at fox report.
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>> hello, everybody. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's headquarters. >> glad you're with us. topping the news this hour, at least 30 people killed in a brand-new homicide attack in afghanistan. those attacks targeting a prison, a police headquarters, and two other locations in the city of kandahar. that prison is the same one that was targeted back in 2008. this time no prisons escaped. >> what a mess we have dealing with on the east coast. tori


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